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> Any references for that?

Sorry, no docs are available for now.
However I got more information from some other PAPT/DPMT teams
members, and here is a short summary:

  * Definitely dh_python{2,3] is the way of the future and it will
replace all the other helpers.
  * Basically, switching from pycentral to dh_python2 is painless.
  * Switching fom python-support -> dh_python{2,3] needs to try to
"import $module" (for _each_ module).
    Note that it could be a mess if there are packages which share the
same namespace.

In both cases, if the package provides only programs or private
modules, there should not be any worry.

> Personally I prefer to keep Python packages backportable at least until
> Squeeze is out - and if possible without too much trouble until support for
> Lenny is dropped.

As shown here [1], squeeze already provides dh_python2.


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