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- - add a pre-configure target that creates backups of the to-be-modified files and restores them on clean?

What about dh-autoreconf? It should provide a CDBS rule which might help us.

I have no experience with it, and no knowledge of its quality either.

I do know, however, that it adds complication to backporting.

$ rmadison  dh-autoreconf
dh-autoreconf | 2~bpo50+1 | backports/lenny | source, all
dh-autoreconf | 2         | squeeze         | source, all
dh-autoreconf | 2         | sid             | source, all

I see no complications wrt. backporting here

That ~bpo up thre is an indication of complication.

Please note that I didn't say "it makes backporting impossible". Neither did I say "it makes backporting to backports.org difficult".

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