On 01/14/2011 07:16 PM, IOhannes zmölnig wrote:
> it seems like gmerlin-1.0.0 provides a libgmerlin that is binary
> incompatible with the gmerlin-0.4.3 release.
> namely, some symbols have been dropped.

hmm, after closer inspection ofthe output of dpkg-gensymbols, it seems
like this was a false alarm.

the libgmerlin0.symbols files contains a number of "MISSING" stanzas,
which seem to have been merely updated:

-#MISSING: 0.4.3# (optional)pixbuf_destroy_notify@Base 0.4.1
+#MISSING: 1.0.0~dfsg-1# (optional)pixbuf_destroy_notify@Base 0.4.1

it seems like all MISSING stanzas for 1.0.0 have also been there for 0.4.3

the rest of the changes are only additions.

so i guess we are still save.

but then: how come that there are MISSING stanzas at all?
does this indicate, that at some point in the past, the library API did
change, and it was ignored?

> as i understand it, this means that the SONAME has to change.
> unfortunately i don't have any real clue what this means in practice.
> i guess, a start would be to simply rename the binary package to libgmerlin1

ah, i found the libpkg-guide.
and that the soname should change in the build-process (automake)


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