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This avoids the loop more elegantly than by chasing specific versions of specific implementations all over (as you did after posting above):

 libjack-dev (>= 0.118~) | libjack-dev,

Notice the peculiar double dependency on same package twice in first of the lines. The trick is that a versioned dependency is only satisfied by a real package. So above means "Try first to install the real package" and "the version of the package tried must provide session feature".

it was not the solution:


Do you run Sid, fully up-to-date? Do you run Sid+experimental in the build chroot, also fully up-to-date?

What is the order of APT lines in your sources.list? And which PBUILDERSATISFYDEPENDSCMD do you use (i you use pbuilder/cowbuilder)?

I use pbuilder-satisfydepends-experimental and the following:

deb sid main
deb experimental main

...coupled with approx.

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