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Some packages deserve special attention. The openoctave project just released oom2

For large compositions and for working with LinuxSampler, this is simply the best midi sequencer there is atm. So it should hit Debian.

Oom2 is more or less a fork of Muse2.


I'll have a look at it!

They just announced it, so it's more or less at beta state maybe. But this announcement seems to say, we are ready to release it, but it's new so we may stumble upon some bugs while testing...

Anyway, I think the availability of Oom2 in Debian experimental won't hurt anyone... :)

I filed an ITP on it a year ago and started working on it back then, but _that_ was immature :-)
Yeah that was a rosegarden kde3 fork. Now it's a Muse2 qt4 fork... Big step forward! :)

Maybe it is useful to add the oom scripts and files to the package

In the om2 git repo you'll see a folder called 'oomfiles', these scripts convert *.rgd (rosegarden instrument files, generated by the scripts, see weblink above) to *.idf files (Muse2 instrument files).


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