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> Hi developers!


> I've been thinking that maybe our audience would like to know what the
> Dear Debian Multimedia Team has planned to do for Wheezy (if there's
> something already planned), so now that Squeeze is right behind the
> next door, WDYT about starting to work on a new bits-from doc?

We should clearly come up with such a document, though I must confess I
don't have detailed plans so far. Ardour3 surely is on the roadmap,
probably wider jack-session support, more LV plugins and simply more of

I don't see anything fundamentally new at the moment from an audio
producer's perspective, but who knows...

Just a few bits from the upstream work I'm involved: FFADO will move to
the kernel, so we'll hopefully sooner than later have an ALSA driver and
only use FFADO for device configuration, but not for streaming. Clemens
Ladisch is actively working on that, there's already a first working
version for some devices.

Recently, I've merged and extended the new driver for the RME Hammerfall
MADI cards (64ins/64outs), now also featuring RME RayDAT (36ins/36outs)
and RME AIO (18ins/20outs) which hopefully hit the mainline kernel in

Long story short: out-of-the-box device support is improving.

Just my €0.02

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