2011/1/27 Alessio Treglia <ales...@debian.org>:
> Hi developers!


> I've been thinking that maybe our audience would like to know what the
> Dear Debian Multimedia Team has planned to do for Wheezy (if there's
> something already planned), so now that Squeeze is right behind the
> next door, WDYT about starting to work on a new bits-from doc?

Recently I have been surprised that alsa-firmware package is not
available in debian repository, this package contains firmware for
professional sound cards
( RME's multiface and digiface, emu, digigram, echoaudio etc.)
Distribution like Ubuntu, 64Studio, Fedora, Arch linux provide these
in their repos.
I contacted pkg-alsa-devel and from answer came out that firmware
binaries probably should be shipped in linux-firmware like in Ubuntu.

Discussion I started on debian kernel mailing list :

Maybe Debian Multimedia Team can get involved, it would be nice to
have support for these sound cards out of box.

best regards


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