This looks very promising. I've seen the project last year, and it was
already "nice", but not it seems to become pretty mature.

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Subject: [LAD] OpenOctaveMidi2 (OOM2) beta release

Deep in the basement of the OpenOctaveProject, the team have been
working hard, to bring OpenOctaveMidi into the modern age. From the
new interface, to the workflow features, OOM2 is the result of a great
deal of hard work, and thought. In our Project journey towards a great
Linux Audio pipeline, OOM2 represents the next important step.

With the help of our platinum sponsor TSI, we were afforded two full
time developers to help with the task of getting to where we are
today. We would like to thank TSI for their continued longterm support
and encouragement.

OOM2 linear Midi and Audio sequencer.

We announce the beta release of the 2nd version of the OpenOctaveMidi
sequencer, known as OOM2. After a change of codebase, a complete
rebuild of the user interface, and the addition of new features and
functions, we're proud to present this version as our initial beta

OOM2 is a linear Midi and Audio sequencer for the Linux operating
system in both 32 and 64bit.

OOM2 uses the following:

    *     JACK-audio - http://jackaudio.org
    *     JACK-midi - for midi support
    *     DSSI - synth plugins
    *     VST(i) - synth plugins (through DSSI, for the moment. We're
more interested in native linuxplugins, so the DSSI-VST implementation
may be removed.)
    *     ALSA-midi - for midi support
    *    QT4.6.0 or later (earlier versions may work, but are not tested)

You can download OOM2 from our github repository at:


Use the command:

git clone git://github.com/ccherrett/oom.git

to install the source in an empty directory of your choosing, and
follow the build instructions in the Readme file.

Please note we're adding new commits each day, and more features are
coming very soon, hence the Beta release notice.

We hope you enjoy using OOM2, and should you have anything you'd like
to report, please send an email to:


We can also be found on irc at #openoctave  (freenode)

Visit www.openoctave.org to find out more!

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