Le jeudi 27 janvier 2011 03:33:40, Fabian Greffrath a écrit :
> Am 27.01.2011 00:48, schrieb Alessio Treglia:
> > I've been thinking that maybe our audience would like to know what the
> > Dear Debian Multimedia Team has planned to do for Wheezy (if there's
> > something already planned), so now that Squeeze is right behind the
> > next door, WDYT about starting to work on a new bits-from doc?
> I can think of some very exciting plans to come true when 
> lame/xvidcore/x264 get finally accepted through the NEW queue... sigh


Sorry for the lame (haha) question but I did not follow why lame would be 
accepted now and was not before.. ?


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