On Wed, Feb 02, 2011 at 08:09:44AM +0000, Miguel Colon wrote:
> Hello:
> Assuming you did a gbp-pull and git-buildpackage is configured
> correctly it should work. Also when I created the missing tag a while
> ago I confirmed that upstream/1.7 contain the correct source when
> compared to a tarball I downloaded from upstream and I also merged
> upstream/1.7 to master and verified that everything was peachy. So the
> git in alioth should be fine. Try doing a gbp-pull or cloning it
> again.
> You will get build errors during dh_install since files got renamed. I
> could fix them but not sure if you already fixed it all.

Thanks Miguel,

Looks better. With git-buildpackage, I now get as
far as dh_install:

        cp: cannot stat `./mma': No such file or directory

The following line in mma.install appears to be at fault.

    mma usr/bin

The executable is actally called mma.py. I'd like to
do this:

    mma.py usr/bin/mma

But according to 'man dh_install' the destination must be
a directory.
Any suggestions?

thanks again,


Joel Roth

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