This is a list of upgradeable packages that have NOT been upgraded on a
system running the same kernel
(2.6.36-liquorix-2.6.36-3.dmz.2-avlinux-default) on which JACK1 is still
functioning properly with Realtime Permissions. On 2 other machines
updating this package list has caused the reported bug.

This is to illustrate that the non stock kernel is not the culprit...

Thanks very much for your assistance. :)


melt            install
libavcore-dev           install
libswscale0             install
libc-bin                install
libavutil50             install
openoffice.org-core             install
openoffice.org-writer           install
exim4-config            install
midisport-firmware              install
openoffice.org-filter-binfilter         install
libmlt++3               install
openoffice.org-java-common              install
exim4-daemon-light              install
libavcore0              install
libc-dev-bin            install
libpostproc51           install
vlc-plugin-sdl          install
mencoder                install
libavformat52           install
libdpkg-perl            install
apt-utils               install
mozilla-plugin-vlc              install
libc6-i686              install
openoffice.org-style-galaxy             install
libvlc5         install
apt             install
locales         install
libpostproc-dev         install
uno-libs3               install
openoffice.org-math             install
vlc-nox         install
gstreamer0.10-lame              install
gstreamer0.10-x264              install
openoffice.org-common           install
python-uno              install
libavformat-dev         install
ttf-opensymbol          install
dpkg            install
ffmpeg          install
vlc-plugin-jack         install
openoffice.org-base-core                install
libavfilter1            install
dpkg-dev                install
openoffice.org-emailmerge               install
vlc             install
ure             install
libavcodec-dev          install
vlc-plugin-notify               install
libc6-dev               install
libavcodec52            install
exim4           install
debconf         install
vlc-data                install
exim4-base              install
debconf-i18n            install
libmlt-data             install
libavutil-dev           install
libc6           install
libvlccore4             install
binutils                install
mplayer-nogui           install
libswscale-dev          install
live-manual-pdf         install
libgupnp-igd-1.0-3              install
libmlt3         install
libavdevice52           install
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