> Joel, it seems that you have to live with manually popping the patches
> from the stack, until the integration matures.

Kind of late but what I do is add among other things:

export-dir = ~/git-repo/multimedia/output

to the ~/gbf.conf file. This would just make a temporary copy of the
source in that directory / compile it (with pbuilder in my case) /
remove the temporary source if there was no error (with error the
source is left there so you could analyze it if needed) and stores the
resulting package files there.

It leaves the original source untouched so he can run git-buildpackage
as many times as he wants in a row which was his original goal. This
method does not require adding the local-options file and is useful if
you want to avoid adding that file to multiple git trees.

If for some reason he want to trash the original source (like using
dpkg-buildpackage) he could add an alias to ~/gitconfig
  undo = !git reset --hard && git clean -xdf

and do "git undo" but this command should be used with care to say the least.


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