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> I was wondering about libc as well...
> Forgive my naivete but how do I downgrade from Squeeze's libc? I know how
> to downgrade from Sid/Testing but not Stable.

Hang on a second: the Squeeze system is broken? I thought you're running
experimental, at least the jackd1 version you've reported is
experimental (svn4104).

I checked my libc6; on amd64, everything is fine. Could still be a
missing pam_limits for your login manager or whatsoever.

Have you tried to ssh into localhost, just to verify the limits are also
broken there? Or to login on a VT? (strg+alt+f1 from X)

And to verify it's not jackd, can you run jackd -d dummy as root? This
should at least confirm that RT stuff in jackd is really working and
we're chasing a system problem...


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