Sorry, accidentally sent this directly to Adrian. I've been awake too
long following the squeeze release. ;-)

On Mon, 29 Nov 2010 13:53:56 +0100
Adrian Knoth <> wrote:

> Hi!

Hello :-)

> > Some background system info:
> > JACK version: jackd1 1:0.118+svn3796-7
> > Sound driver: oss4-dkms 4.2-build2003-1
> Do have the possibility to test against ALSA? I don't think there's
> something wrong with ardour's LADSPA handling in general, many people
> use it all the time.
> I wonder if it's OSS induced. Thing is: when you export a session, jackd
> is put into freewheeling mode: it detaches itself from the audio card,
> proceeds as fast as possible and later reconnects to the soundcard.
> There might be bug in jackd1's OSS freewheeling code, hence the question
> to narrow it down.

Sorry about the delayed reply. I got around to setting aside some time
to test with ALSA, but decided to make sure the bug is still present
with OSS first, and it seems to be gone now. The only thing that's
changed is that I no longer use the Multiband EQ plugin from

Curious that the sound seemed to be coming from the master bus even
after bypassing all plugins, though. It makes me wonder if this could
be a bug in the way Ardour handles buggy plugins, but I'll leave that
up to your discretion as you understand how Ardour works better than I
do. Either way, this seems to be a bug in swh-plugins, so is there a
way this bug can be reassigned to that package, or shall I report it
against swh-plugins separately?

Thanks for all your work on Debian (I remember your name from numerous
changelogs ;-) )
Steven McDonald

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