Am 10.02.2011 10:01, schrieb Reinhard Tartler:
As soon as ffmpeg for s390 and mips is built and installed, I'd like to
upload the ffmpeg package. If you have a few minutes, you could help
with inspecting the branch, package descriptions and open bugs.

Hm, the package descriptions could indeed need some improvements, but the project homepage at <> doesn't provide substantially better descriptions either nor does the library documentation.

Regarding the bugs, I think we should address the splitting of the frontend package WRT depending on X (#578500). But this will lead us through the currently extremely crowded NEW queue...

The rest seem to be either pending (#612292), forwarded (#591832), wontfix (#499683, #575600), codec request (#418228, #587904) or documentation (#586172, #594108) bugs. The text relocations bugs (#493705, #591904) could probably get merged. The last (?) remaining bug (#609271) is tagged moreinfo without any further comment, so I don't think there is that much we can do at the moment.

 - Fabian

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