Le Sun 13 Feb 11 à 14:32 -0600, Wallace C. Olson Jr. a écrit :
> Okay, I can and have removed libavcodec51.  Nothing else is possible because 
> of the Debian Squeeze dependencies.
> VLC depends: vlc-nox
> and   vlc-nox depends: libavcodec52, libavformat52, libavutil49
> and                     libavcodec52 depends: libavutil50
> so I'm stuck in a loop with both util49 + util50; and codec52 and format52 
> are required.

It's not what I said. I didn't ask you to un-install libavcodec, util,

I asked to not used packages from some un-official repo (looking like
debian-multimedia.org) and to use the official repo. The easiest way to
do that might be to uninstall libavcodec, vlc and co; fix your
/etc/apt/sources.list and then reinstall vlc.


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