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I'm still confused about this. Please not that I'm not the maintainer nor anyone else offical for the package, so it's safe to just ignore me.

Your partitipation here is great. You need not be an expert to contribute - simply ensuring that the bugreport is sensible is valuable too! So please keep up the good work here :-)

If you think this is a libroar bug please reassign the bug to libroar but I do not yet see where libdnet and #608807 come into play. Can you please clearify this? libdnet does not depend or recommend on any daemon.

Ah - you are right: I was talking about a different issue:

 1) cmus depends on libroar
 2) libroar depends on libdnet
 3) libdnet recommends libdnet-common <- bug#608807
 4) libdnet-common wreaks havoc on tcp networks

Your problem reported here is not that dnet wreaks havoc, but that multiple sound daemons are pulled in when installing cmus.

Issue is similarly chained, thougH:

 1) cmus depends on libroar
 2) libroar recommends roaraudio-server

This bug against cmus is real: cmus starts a chain which leads to unsuitable behaviour for most users: It is wrong to assume that most systems installing the roar _library_ will want to run the roar _daemon_.

It is a bad solution, however, to avoid libroar. The better approach IMO is to *not* change the packaging of cmus and *not* reassign this bugreport, but instead a) file _another_ bugreport against libroar on lowering to only suggest its daemon, and b) retitle this bug and tag it as depending on that newly filed one.

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