2011/2/17 Jonas Smedegaard <d...@jones.dk>:

>>> Please see my recent comment on this list about copyrigh+license in
>>> header
>>> section!
>> I had your recent comments in mind, I have license in header section and
>> also represented in a "body" section for debian/* files and for * all files
>> too.
> Oh, I didn't notice that.
> It is perfectly legal (with newest drafts only!) to put a generic wildcard
> Files section below a more specific one, but I recommend against it for
> stylistic reason: I personally find it easier to read if sorting with least
> specific sections first (with the exception of putting debian/* and then
> more specific ones below that at the very end).

For me is bit natural to put more specific section first ... so I will
keep it like it is if it is legal.

> But that is nitpicking.  Sorry I missed your general wildcard.

I am happy that somebody checking my work! Please keep on.

best regards


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