Hello all!
        It has been well over a month since source package dmedia entered the
git repo and even now it hasn't entered the archive because of the lack
of a tester to test the package on Debian Sid.
I have tested the package on Ubuntu Natty but since we are going to
upload the package to Sid we need a tester with a Sid machine.

I request someone from the team to come up and test this package. These
are the steps the tester needs to run:

1) (Build and install package)
2) dmedia-import . (Might work in Debian, fails in Ubuntu because of [1])
3) dmedia-gtk (should run in all cases)
4) ps aux | grep dmedia  # Dmedia-service should be running

That's it. The import bug is a bug in desktopcouch which is being looked at.

Once this goes on well we can go for a final check of the package. It is
lintian-clean already and several tiny tidbits here and there have been


Bilal Akhtar

[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/desktopcouch/+bug/714406

Bilal Akhtar - Ubuntu Developer <bilalakh...@ubuntu.com>
IRC nick: cdbs

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