On Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 08:10:52 -0800, Dave Beckett wrote:

> The desc should never be NULL since it's running through a list from raptor,
> and the final one is to get the default parser.  The only way this can
> happen is if raptor wasn't initialised properly, which is my guess here.  I
> suspect ardour is linking to raptor1 and raptor2, and thus crashing.
I don't know the impact there, but this may also be a problem with
redland-bindings (librdf-perl, librdf-ruby, php5-librdf, python-librdf),
slv2 (libslv2-9, slv2-jack), soprano (soprano-daemon) in sid, which
depend on both librdf0 and libraptor1.


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