Le Thu 24 Feb 11 à 20:59 +1100, Erik de Castro Lopo a écrit :
> Package: vlc
> Version: 1.1.7-2
> If I play a video (tried Ogg/Theora, FLV, MP4 etc) with vlc and hit
> the close window button in the top right corner (or do Quit via the
> right click menu or using COntrol-Q) the video stops playing, but the
> window doesn't close. The only way I can close the window is sending
> Control C, waiting for a second or two and then do Control C again.

Which Window manager do you use ?
Which vlc interface do you use ?

Under Gnome I can't reproduce with qt4 interface. I can kindof reproduce
with -I rc or -I dummy. It doesn't close if I close the vout but then it
close cleanly after resp. typing q or ctrl+c


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