On Thu, Mar 03, 2011 at 09:02:17 (CET), Matthias Klose wrote:

> Package: src:dirac
> Version: 1.0.2-3
> Severity: minor
> User: d...@debian.org
> Usertag: doxygen-latex
> The package build-depends on doxygen and one or more of the
> texlive-* packages, likely it is building some latex/pdf docs
> using a doxygen.sty generated by doxygen.  The doxygen.sty
> generated by doxygen-1.7.3 now depends on even more macros,
> so instead of adding more texlive-* dependencies to doxygen,
> or adding the texlive-* packages to the build dependencies of
> each source package, a new doxygen-latex package was introduced,
> depending on all required packages used by doxygen.sty.
> .
> If the package builds such documentation, please build-depend
> on doxygen-latex.  If not, please close the report as invalid.

>> rmadison -u qa doxygen-latex
 doxygen-latex | 1.7.3-4 | experimental | all

By when can we expect doxygen-latex to reach unstable?

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