Le mardi 08 mars 2011, Christophe Mutricy a écrit :
> Both backtrace seems to point on libnvidia-tls.so.1 or the libGL.so.1
> which comes from the nvidia libs which is called by the glx video output
> module.
> Depending where the crash, you might fix it by forcing vlc to use the xv
> video output (vlc -V xv)

The crash occured in the post-install configuration of vlc-nox.

> Deleting the module would work-around the bug (
> /usr/lib/vlc/plugins/video_output/libxcb_glx_plugin.so)
> I think the real bug is in libgl1-nvidia-legacy-96xx-glx or in the way
> we call it.
> If you could uninstall libgl1-nvidia-legacy-96xx-glx and associated
> packages and re-test, it might give a clue

I uninstalled libgl1-nvidia-legacy-96xx-glx and nvidia-glx-legacy-96xx
and the configuration of vlc-nox worked.

Then I reinstalled nvidia-glx-legacy-96xx because I need it when I'm
not logged via ssh or in the console (libgl1-nvidia-legacy-96xx-glx
has been automatically installed as a dependency).

Now when I run /usr/lib/vlc/vlc-cache-gen /usr/lib/vlc/plugins/
there is no segfault anymore, the program exits normally.

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