Greetings all.
Recently a new version of libffado was uploaded to experimental, which was 
synced to Ubuntu natty. With the new libffado revision, there were 2 new 
dependencies added, libconfig and dbus-c++. I am working to get these new 
dependencies into main, and whilst doing so, it was noted that dbus-c++ is 
currently orphaned in Debian. One requirement for packages being included in 
main for Ubuntu is good maintenance attention both in Ubuntu and Debian.

I have checked Ubuntu and Debian, and including libffado, there are 2 packages 
in total that use dbus-c++, the other package being gnote. Since I suspect that 
libffado is the more actively developed of the 2, I am wondering whether the 
pkg-multimedia team should consider taking over maintainership. I think that 
its in the team's best interest to do so, due to the the dependency from 
libffado. Since I am a member of this team, I'd be happy to help maintain the 
package, and would request sponsorship from a member of this team when an 
upload is required.

If the team decides to not maintain this package, then we need to either make 
sure the package gets a maintainer in Debian from somewhere, or, we talk to 
Upstream about alternative solutions. I understand and accept in advance any 
reasons given to not take over maintainership of dbus-c++.

Thanks for your consideration.


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