I believe this problem to be fixed.

Yesterday I upgraded a bunch of packages: several core X-packages that
had been waiting a long time, updated nvidia packages and latest
kernel package (this is on unstable). Currently I have the latest
version of every installed package.

With these packages updated, this crash no longer occurs. Because of
the large number of packages it's hard to tell exactly what fixed it
but given the stack traces above it might be the nvidia packages. This
time, those packages told me that I might have remnants of an old
manual nvidia installation, and that this might cause problems. I
asked the package installer to remove the left overs for me, and after
that the vlc-nox postinst worked correctly.

So the "fix" seems to be to install the latest version of the nvidia
packages and let it clean it up for you, or supposedly to manually
look around for files and links installed by nvidia-installer.


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