Hello all,

The source packages audacious and audacious-plugins are ready for upload
to Debian *sid* (unstable) in the git repositories. I have test-built
both in a sid chroot and have also tested the built packages on Ubuntu
Natty. So I request someone to kindly sponsor the package.

A few things to note:

1) The package will enter Debian sid, not experimental (unlike the rest
of the 2.4.x packages).

2) The audacious package will have to be uploaded a day or two before
-plugins so that audacious-dev binary package (part of audacious source)
can be built and be published before audacious-plugins gets in as
-plugins depends on -dev.


Bilal Akhtar.

Bilal Akhtar - Ubuntu Developer <bilalakh...@ubuntu.com>
IRC nick: cdbs

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