Source: pd-iemambi
Version: 0.1-1
Severity: important
Usertags: kfreebsd


your package FTBFS on kfreebsd-*, and it's probably easily fixed:
| make[1]: Entering directory 
| cc -DPD -DUNIX -W -Wno-unused -Wno-parentheses -Wno-switch -funroll-loops 
-fomit-frame-pointer -fno-strict-aliasing -DDL_OPEN -fPIC -g -O2 -g -O2 -I. 
-I/usr/local/src/pd/src  -c -o ambi_decode.o ambi_decode.c
| In file included from ambi_decode.c:7:0:
| iemlib.h:66:2: error: #error No byte order defined
| make[1]: *** [ambi_decode.o] Error 1

Please get in touch with debian-bsd@ if you need help.

Full build logs:


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