I just noticed that debian sid switched the ffmpeg package (and related 
packages) to a fork that just appeared on the scene. A bunch of guys tried 
to takeover the official ffmpeg site and repo and when that didn't work 
(they were forced out by the official trademark holder and founder of the 
ffmpeg project), they forked. I wish them all the best, but I expect a 
distro that is known for its stability to stick with the original, unless 
over time the fork turns out to be the "winner". Just because one of the 
guys that tried to takeover ffmpeg.org and related services by illegal means 
is one of the ffmpeg package maintainers of both debian and ubuntu, should 
not be a reason to switch. A lot of other packages depend on ffmpeg and its 
libraries and unless a majority of them (i.e. the authors of said software) 
switch to the libav fork, debian should IMO stick with the stable ffmpeg 


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