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> The branch, master has been created
>         at  b7ea5c8d892bd83694961f0ebd0641113453b673 (commit)

As you can see, I've deleted the already existing ardour3.git directory
and started over again with a fresh svn checkout and the right version
number (3.0.0~svnXXXX instead of 3.0~svnXXXX).

We now have a first working ardour3 package with some remaining issues
as noted in the commit message:

> commit ccac42a7e889fa27b245cc4cf9a50498f1b42095
> Author: Adrian Knoth <a...@drcomp.erfurt.thur.de>
> Date:   Sun Apr 17 21:33:48 2011 +0200
>     First working Debian package
>     The files were mostly copied from ardour2 and adopted to the new build
>     system (waf).
>     To keep it simple, I skipped flavoured packages (-i686, -altivec) for
>     now. There's also no dedicated debug information, the whole package is
>     compiled with debugging enabled. (which seems appropriate for an alpha4
>     version)
>     TODO:
>        - fix copyrights file (it's from ardour2 at the moment)
>        - maybe replace internal libs in den libs/ directory by systemlibs
>          from Debian. Obvious candidates are: librubberband, vamp-sdk,
>          vamp-plugins, taglib, maybe clearlooks-*, maybe gtkmm2ext if
>          Debian's version is recent enough
>        - maybe find a better way to make dpkg-shlibdeps happy instead of
>          setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH in debian/rules
>        - enable optimized (non-debug) builds at some time
>        - Pay attention to deleted upstream files. I've already filed a bug
>          report: http://tracker.ardour.org/view.php?id=3985
>          Right now, I've excluded the following files when creating the
>          tarball from the SVN, but we really want upstream to remove them or
>          script their removal:
>                 deleted:    libs/clearlooks-newer/support.h.orig
>                 deleted:    libs/taglib/autom4te.cache/output.0
>                 deleted:    libs/taglib/autom4te.cache/output.1
>                 deleted:    libs/taglib/autom4te.cache/requests
>                 deleted:    libs/taglib/autom4te.cache/traces.0
>                 deleted:    libs/taglib/autom4te.cache/traces.1

I don't know if I'll have time next week to address all issues, so if
anybody is in the mood for tweaking, I'd appreciate your help.

ardour2 and ardour3 can be installed and used together, I hence decided
to go for different source names. As a consequence, I cannot upload the
package myself (DM), a DD needs to have a look.

I guess we can avoid flavoured builds until the final release, but we'd
also need separated debugging symbols by then.

Anyway, enjoy the new MIDI-enabled ardour. ;)


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