Hi Robin,

On 11-04-18 at 07:29pm, Robin Gareus wrote:
> I've added config-templates and postinst configuration (passwords, 
> hostname, enable-service) to icecast2.


> Attached patch applies to revision baf67ba (currently HEAD) on
>   http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-multimedia/icecast2.git
> What would be needed to get this into the official icecast2 debian 
> package?

Please open a bugreport against the package and include the patch there.

Also, it seems to me from briefly reading it, that you (briefly) expose 
passwords to all local users by printing it as part of an ed command.  
That is (if correctly read) a security flaw and should be avoided.

One way to avoid it is to export the passwords as environment variables 
and then run a short perl script which uses those same variables.

Like this (from a CipUX routine):

export pw="bla"

perl -i -pe "s/[ \t]*#([ \t]*password[ \t]*=).*/\$1\$ENV{'pw'}/" file

But please, instead of discussing further here, file a bugreport and 
let's continue the discussion there :-)


 - Jonas

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