On 04/17/11 23:21, Adrian Knoth wrote:

[ardour3 TODOs]
>>        - Pay attention to deleted upstream files. I've already filed a bug
>>          report: http://tracker.ardour.org/view.php?id=3985
>>          Right now, I've excluded the following files when creating the
>>          tarball from the SVN, but we really want upstream to remove them or
>>          script their removal:
>>                 deleted:    libs/clearlooks-newer/support.h.orig
>>                 deleted:    libs/taglib/autom4te.cache/output.0
>>                 deleted:    libs/taglib/autom4te.cache/output.1
>>                 deleted:    libs/taglib/autom4te.cache/requests
>>                 deleted:    libs/taglib/autom4te.cache/traces.0
>>                 deleted:    libs/taglib/autom4te.cache/traces.1

JFTR, that's fixed upstream, so we don't have to bother.

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