Reinhard Tartler wrote:

> Please note that upstream does not support an direct migration path from
> 0.5->0.6, i.e., only APIs that are missing in the last stable release
> are considered critical. This particular issue therefore wouldn't
> qualify, but there might be more.

Makes sense.  I was wondering about when the API changed mainly to see
whether it is safe to use the new names in sid.  Of course others
might have other uses for the information.

> Would installing the file doc/APIChanges [1] and refering to that in a
> NEWS.Debian help you?
> [1];a=blob;f=doc/APIchanges

Yes, that looks excellent.

In the motivating case, grepping for CODEC_TYPE_ yields no hits, but
scanning through, it is not too hard to find the discussion of
"enum CodecType".


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