On Apr 21, 2011, at 4:39 AM, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

On 11-04-21 at 01:34pm, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
On 2011-04-21 12:56, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
On 11-04-21 at 11:10am, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
looking through potential problems of packages in my area of
interest, i stumbled across pd-cyclone, which seems to have an
incorrect debian/watch file: debian package is "0.1~alpha55-2"
while uscan finds the upstream "0.1-alpha53-src" to be more

i added a versionmangler to get rid of the trailing "-src" part,
but the real problem is of course the "-alpha".

personally i would suggest to replace "-alpha" by "." (or
".alpha"), using a versionmangle clause. i'm wondering though, why
the debian package version uses "~", which kind of clashes with the
upstream version scheme, esp. as it is not taken care of in

I don't know who did this particular changelog, but what I often do
is treat alpha and beta releases as lower than the actual version
number, to leave room for the eventual(!) case of upstream deciding
to not bump the version number when dropping the alpha/beta flag
(a.k.a. doing the "final release").

good point.
however, in this specific case, there is no active upstream
development anymore, so it is unlikely that upstream will make a
release that breaks the version mangle (though of course, you never

what is currently released as "upstream", is a tgz put together by

Great that Hans is involved - but irrelevant for my point: When mangling
versions for Debian, I generally avoid taking into account predictions
of the future. This includes knowledge of upstream author or potential
future release manager or whatever.

I see no evidence from past releases that the version numbering scheme
of that project cannot contain final releases with same digits as
prereleases.  That's all.

I set the version with a ~ for the reasons that Jonas described. There will be another release of cyclone in the not-to-distant future, there are already changes committed to the upstream SVN (I'm the upstream maintainer). Also, after having discussions with the original author, the next release will probably be 0.1 with no prefix. There are others who might be interested in working on it more, so then there could be 0.2 in the works.



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