Hey IOhannes,

Thanks for fixing these bugs. I'd appreciate it if you would talk to me as the maintainer of these packages before committing change and asking for them to be uploaded. Please give me a chance to review your changes even. pd-cxc, pd-ekext, pd-bsaylor, pd-markex, pd-mjlib, pd-sigpack, pd-smlib, pd-windowing, and pd-pdogg. It would have been one thing if you just fixed the kFreeBSD build issue in the bug reports, then I'd say go ahead. But you also changed other things as well.

For example, it is not appropriate to change the Depends to Suggests. That will break things for some people. So you can use these packages without having pd-libdir installed, but many others will see it as broken if pd-libdir is not installed since the library won't load. What's the problem with Depending on pd-libdir? Its tiny, and builds everywhere, and only takes effect if you explicitly use features related to it. Otherwise its just a file on the filesystem.


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some of the pd-packages have an FTBFS bug reported.
i fixed all of those packages (i knew of), and would appreciate if
somebody could upload the package, as given in the subject (i admit i
don't type this entire letter for each of the packages).

Other changes in the package:
- - added (short) Vcs stanzas (if there was none)
- - Suggest "pd-libdir" rather than Depend on it, since each of those
packages can be used perfectly well without pd-libdir installed; the
latter only adds a bit more comfort
- - minor cosmetic fixes to the package description (to keep lintian happy)

i have NOT added myself to the uploaders, but i upated debian/ changelog, so this gives some NMU-lintian warnings (which will go away if the real uploader touches the changelog, so i didn't bother), but apart from that
the package appears to be lintian clean.

the package has been build without problems in a pbuilder chroot.

i pushed everything to [1].

please have a look and eventually upload (or comment)


[1] git://git.debian.org/pkg-multimedia/pd-cxc
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