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On 04/25/2011 06:23 PM, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
> Hey IOhannes,
> Thanks for fixing these bugs.  I'd appreciate it if you would talk to me
> as the maintainer of these packages 

oh, i thought those packages are maintained as a team by
please fix the "Maintainer" clause in case this is not true any more.

(and yes, you are right if you wanted to say that "team" means
communication with those primarily responsible for a package)

> go ahead. But you also changed other things as well.

indeed, that's why i was announcing them (hopefully) prominently.

> For example, it is not appropriate to change the Depends to Suggests. 

i fail to see why.

> That will break things for some people. 

please explain how this will break things for some people.
quoting the debian policy §7.2:
   The Depends field should be used if the depended-on package is
required for the depending package to provide a significant amount of
    This declares a strong, but not absolute, dependency.
    The Recommends field should list packages that would be found
together with this one in all but unusual installations.

    This is used to declare that one package may be more useful with one
or more others. Using this field tells the packaging system and the user
that the listed packages are related to this one and can perhaps enhance
its usefulness, but that installing this one without them is perfectly

> So you can use these packages
> without having pd-libdir installed, 

so pd-libdir is NOT required to provide a significant amount of
functionality, thus making a "Depends" relation overly strong.

> but many others will see it as
> broken if pd-libdir is not installed since the library won't load. 
> What's the problem with Depending on pd-libdir?  Its tiny, and builds
> everywhere, and only takes effect if you explicitly use features related
> to it.  Otherwise its just a file on the filesystem.

i don't get it: shouldn't a package take effect only if you _install_ it?
it's great that pd-libdir is small and that it builds on all archs, but
so do other packages and this alone does not qualify to get installed on
(e.g.) machine.

i would really appreciate it, if there was no "Depends" on convenience
libraries; if you do think that all those libraries are used with libdir
in all but unusual installations (e.g mine), then please change the
relation to "Recommends".

if you want to recommend people to install pd-libdir together with one
of those packages, then tell them so.


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