I get back to version 1.1.3-1squeeze2 which not depends on vlc-plugin-pulse.

If I reinstall vlc-plugin-pulse for 1.1.3-1squeeze2 , the sound becomes clipped again.

So I think the bug comes from vlc-plugin-pulse.
Vlc version 1.1.3-1squeeze5 depends on this package instead of version 1.1.3-1squeez2.

Btw there is a problem with dependency when I install 1.1.3-1squeeze2, I have packages from 1.1.3-1squeeze5 install with.

Paramétrage de vlc-data (1.1.3-1squeeze5) ...
Paramétrage de libvlccore4 (1.1.3-1squeeze5) ...
Paramétrage de libvlc5 (1.1.3-1squeeze5) ...
Paramétrage de vlc-nox (1.1.3-1squeeze2) ...

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