(new) libphat-dev_0.4.1-3_amd64.deb optional libdevel
Development files (headers) for libphat
 phat is a collection of gtk widgets geared towards audio apps
 Audio applications demand a set of special widgets of its own
 which phat aims to provide. The first widget being the "fanslider",
 a mix between the button and the slider metaphores, providing the
 user a more precise graphical input method.
 This package contains the headers used to build applications
 that use phat widget collection.
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Changes: phat (0.4.1-3) unstable; urgency=low
  * Switch to dh-autoreconf.
  * Strip the SONAME out of the -DEV's runtime name:
    - libphat-dev is now built and Provides libphat0-dev.
  * debian/patches/01-binutils_gold.patch:
    - Add patches to phat/Makefile.am since autoreconf is called now.
  * debian/patches/02-gcc46_ftbfs.patch:
    - Get rid of -Werror compilation flag to avoid build failure with
      GCC4.6 (Closes: #625403).
  * Update Standards-Version.

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