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given that i have done most of the packaging, i guess i'll try to answer
the question :-)

On 2011-05-09 06:19, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
> There are a lot of changes, so I'm wondering if we could get a summary
> of what we should do to update our packages, and whether there might be
> any pitfalls. It seems that we should now build pd libs against
> puredata-dev instead of puredata, for example.

hopefully there are no pitfalls, but like always they will only show up
once you are trapped.

anyhow, the main change is, that "puredata" is now split into a number
of binary packages.
the binary package "puredata" is now only a meta-package depending on
all it's components (for backwards compat).

# puredata-core
the main binary package is "puredata-core" which provides "pd".
"puredata-core" is only the dsp-engine, without any GUI components,
so you can now install Pd (with externals) on a headless system.
externals that don't depend on "pd" but only on "puredata" might need to
have their Depends adapted, if they want to support headless installs (i
just realize that "puredata-import" is probably the only package that is
currently affected by this).

# puredata-dev
as hans has rightly said, there is now a puredata-dev package, which
installs the headers (and a pkg-config file), for compiling externals.

this should be everything that is needed to compile Pd-related packages.
given that the package only provides header-files and a pkg-config
snippet, this greatly reduces the build-dependencies (build-bots don't
need to install tk and jack anymore, in order to compile a
network-related Pd-package)

# puredata-gui, puredata-doc, puredata-extra, puredata-utils
from a pd external packager's pov, those are probably not so interesting.
puredata-gui holds (as the name suggests) all GUI related stuff. it can
be installed without puredata-core (given that puredata-core and
puredata-gui can run on different machines).

general Pd-externals should
"Build-depend: puredata-dev"
"Depend: pd"

for backporting compatibility, i'd suggest to
"Build-depend: puredata-dev | puredata"

if the package contains only "ordinary" (as in: non-graphical) objects
and is only for "puredata" (and not all providers of "pd"), it should
probably depend on "puredata-core" rather than "puredata".

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