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Package: qjackctl
Version: 0.3.6-1
Severity: normal

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By default qjackctl seems to shutdown the JACK server when the GUI
is closed, even if the server was not started by qjackctl. (Of
course, this can be very annoying if you've just started and
connected a number of JACK clients manually.)

Even though under Setup / Misc the option "Confirm server shutdown"
is activated, it does not actually ask for confirmation.

If under Setup / Option "Execute script after shutdown: killall
jackd" is unchecked, the problem goes away, but since we want to use
it from different user accounts, and this setting is stored in a
local per-user config file, the default behaviour is still very
annoying and dangerous.

After some RTFstrace I found that putting


in /etc/xdg/ seems to turn off the behaviour
globally. This seems to be an undocumented feature, since according
to there's only per-user config
files, so I wonder how reliable this is WRT future versions.

As far as I know, previous versions didn't behave like this.
I'd suggest to avoid killing JACK if it wasn't started by qjackctl,
or at least to document the problem and the above work-around (if it
is reliable) in a prominent place.

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Version: 0.3.7-4


after having removed the ~/.config/ directory, this bug is
not reproducible anymore with qjackctl 0.3.7.
Moreover, qjackctl seems to properly behave when
selecting/de-selecting the option "Execute script after shutdown".

Thank you very much for the report and sorry for the long time you had
to wait to see efforts on this.


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