Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Alessio Treglia <>

* Package name    : fst
  Version         : 0~20110131.git20661444
  Upstream Author : Torben Hohn <>
* URL             :
* License         : GPL-2
  Programming Lang: C
  Description     : JACK-based host to use VST plugins on GNU/Linux

 The FST project aims to allow users to use many VST audio plugins
 on GNU/Linux platforms.
 This package provides a VST compliant host which needs to run as
 JACK client to work properly. Currently it supports GUI-equipped
 plugins only.
 The acronym "VST" refers to Steinberg's Virtual Studio Technology.
 Although FST supports a large number of VST instruments and effects,
 it is not built using the original VST headers.

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