Hello Jonas (and all)

Thanks for your answer and your interest. I am of course ready to
actively maintain this package (all the more that I am the upstream
also). I have addressed most of your remarks, but I still have some
issues and would appreciate your hinsight:

> The two custom Python packaging helpers python-central and 
> python-support is deprecated.  Drop that line from debian/rules and 
> adjust the control file to use hints suitable for the new python install 
> helper shipped with python itself on Debian.
I have tried to remove the pysupport method, but setup.py is not
invoked, and I lack information on how to specify appropriate hints. I
read (many times) through

 * the CDBS doc (examples use pysupport)

 * the http://wiki.debian.org/Python/Policy (says to use either
pycentral or pysupport)

 (the CDBS part is a bit terse, and does not give any configuration 

 * the #604718 bug says to specify DEB_PYTHON_SYSTEM=python2, but it
fails in current 0.4.93 CDBS saying "leave empty for default

 * the /usr/share/cdbs/1/class/python-vars.mk file, where a
DEB_PYTHON2_MODULE_PACKAGES is specified. But setting it does not invoke

I only found that setup.py on Debian now has an additional
--install-layout=deb but did not figure how to have CDBS properly use it
(apart from specifying it explicitly in DEB_PYTHON_INSTALL_ARGS_ALL).

Could you give me some pointer (doc or up-to-date example package)?

> I notice there are binary gettext *.mo files shipped with the
> source.  It seems that they are only (re)generated from the source files 
> when the Makefile is invoked, and I suspect that won't happen as part of 
> the distutils routines.  Please ensure that Debian binary packages do 
> not use binary blobs shipped from upstream, but compile fresh binary 
> chunks instead.
Indeed. I will fix this upstream, but in the meantime (I will not do a
relase just for that, so it will take some weeks before appearing), I
could invoke po/Makefile in common-build-indep to overwrite shipped
files if necessary. Do you think it is appropriate?

> Please enable the CDBS utils.mk rule, enable copyright-check and hinted 
> initially when then compiling, and ensure that debian/copyright 
> appropriately contains all(!) copyright and licensing info of the source 
> tarball.  E.g. mac/Cillop seems to be from a different project but is 
> not listed with copyright holders or licensing in the copyright file. 
> Apparently upstream has a pending item related to this in doc/TODO.
Done (that is what took some time...)

> Please consider using newest draft of DEP-5.

> Instead of debian/docs I suggest to use CDBS variables in debian/rules, 
> with a wildcard for doc/* and properly listing CHANGES.txt as upstream 
> changelog file.

Have a nice day. Regards,

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