On 11-05-17 at 05:03pm, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
> currently libjack "recommends" to install jackd, which usually 
> evaluates to not automatically install jackd if a package depends on 
> libjack.

It seems you have the terms confused, but the actual effect is correct:

Currently libjack _suggests_ jackd (not recommend).

Suggestions are weaker than recommends, and you are right that this 
means jackd will normally not be pulled in automatically.

> i read bug-report #442814 which implemented the change from "suggests" 
> to "recommends" but i am not totally convinced that i can follow the 
> argument (being myself rather audio-centric, so i have a natural bias 
> ;-))

I agree with the logic of that bugreport:

Recommends are for situations when _most_ users will want the 
relationship satisfied, whereas suggests are for more occational 

Generally libraries for daemons should *not* recommend their daemon.

The fact that an audio tool _can_ use some daemon should only guarantee 
a suggestion.  Audio tools that _mainly_ use that daemon can themselves 
add an explicit recommendation on that daemon.

If the recommendation was added to the library, it would be impossible 
for an audio tool mainly used without jackd to not recommend jackd.

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