Hello Dear, Good day, how are you today hope healthy? Please my English 
speaking is not very good, but i can write better than to speak. I am 
Natsuko Hachirou, 29 years old female writing from Home Center Kohnan, Koto 
Fukagawa (Tokyo) Japan. I am single and worked as the general caretaker to Mr. 
Masamichi Kazama, late Mr. Kazama, his a banker and real estate developer 
living in Fukushima Japan but died during the tsunami disaster (earthquake) in 
Fukushima Japan, because i am the closes person that work with late Mr. Kazama 
before his death, i was contacted by his Attorney Mr. Motoo Noguchi, the 
Attorney is a very nice man, he work with United nations and also representing 
my late boss.
The Attorney told me about Mr. Kazama deposit fund US$5,600,000.00 in Thailand 
and he advice me to provide the next person to claim the fund since i am the 
closes person, so I immediately make contact to know about Mr. Kazama family 
but i was told that most of his family died during the tsunami disaster, but 
only one of his son survive and very young, his name is Thanh Van Kazama, 8 
years old. Please I would really want you to help stand as the next person and 
claim the fund, upon your interest to assist the little boy future, we shall 
discuss about your benefit.

Reply to natsuko.hachi...@yahoo.com for more communication, read more about the 
lost businesses, huge amount of money, properties and many more.
http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/as_japan_earthquake_lost_money I am waiting to 
hear from you. Sincerely,Natsuko 
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