Would it make sense to also add the versions since it won't build with the 'puredata' package 0.43 or newer, something like:

puredata-dev | puredata << 0.43

Also about puredata-core, it has a menu item set by puredata- core.menu. That means that you could have puredata-core installed without the GUI, but having it launched from the Menu. Since the .desktop file is puredata.desktop, I propose moving the .menu item to puredata.menu also. I think it would be confusing and not useful to have a menu item that used to launch a GUI, but now might launch something that might not have a GUI.

About puredata-extra, I am planning on making the 'pdextended' package "Recommend: puredata-extra" instead of including the same source and binaries. Would it be ok to change the Depends: for puredata-extra to:

 puredata-core (= ${binary:Version}) | pd


On May 11, 2011, at 4:26 AM, Paul Brossier wrote:

indeed, you can loosen the Build-depends to be:

puredata-dev | puredata | pd

Hth, piem

On 09/05/11 06:19, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:

There are a lot of changes, so I'm wondering if we could get a summary of what we should do to update our packages, and whether there might be
any pitfalls. It seems that we should now build pd libs against
puredata-dev instead of puredata, for example.


On May 8, 2011, at 2:46 PM, Paul Brossier wrote:

Hi Hans,

I guess the 'git log' and debian/changelog are the best place to look
at. Any specific questions about these changes?

Cheers, piem

On 08/05/11 18:13, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:

Hey IOhannes and piem,

I wonder if you could update us on all the changes to the puredata
package setup, and what we need to do with our puredata-related

(There are 35+ puredata-related packages and 4+ pd devs in
pkg-multimedia, so it seemed a good venue).



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