Dear ftp-masters and pkg-multimedia team,

to pick up the discussion from 6 weeks ago (see below, sorry for top-posting): Are there any news with regard to the acceptance of the xvidcore, x264 and mjpegtools packages into Debian?

Our previous discussion at least led to the rejection of the lame package for comprehensible reasons which have been forwarded to upstream and mostly resolved in the mean time. So, every kind of reaction might lead to productivity. ;)

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Am 19.04.2011 05:25, schrieb Jonas Smedegaard:
Private communication with single maintainers may not be considered
the most transparent form of communication, especially if there is a
whole team of maintainers involved that is waiting for a clear public
statement for months.


The queries are referred to was (obviously) the ones public which I
therefore knew about, not discrete queries.  And with "silence" as the
response thus far from ftpmasters I did not mean that ftpmasters did not
discuss with each other or their friends, but that those public queries
had not received a response from them.

I apologize for my inaccuracy, and really really hope that this is read
only as clarification: I am happy that we now have a response from
ftpmasters on this, and I am generally happy with the work of

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