On 11-06-01 at 11:42am, Olivier Aubert wrote:
> This change was to try to solve another issue: the package builds only 
> for python2.6, while it should build for both 2.6 and 2.7.
> I have tracked the issue to the DEB_ARCH_PACKAGES definition, which is 
> used to filter the cdbs_python_build_versions variable. Modifying the 
> order seemed to change the initialisation order of these variables (I 
> may be wrong here, having made too many variations). In the end, it is 
> still not working, but I chose to commit this include order since it 
> is the one used in other example packages. Better safe than sorry.

Order should not matter.

In the few cases that order do matter, CDBS should emit warnings or 
errors about that.

Please file bugreports if you suspect cases of that not to be true.

When you notice a pattern in the order of inclusions from inspecting 
packages I am involved in, most likely it is purely stylistic: I tend to 
include roughly in the order they are used during a normal build.

Please consider mentioning in git commit messages not only what you do 
but also why you do it.


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