This mail announces the release of Morituri 0.1.2 'VCR'.

Morituri is a CD ripper aiming for maximum quality.
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morituri is a CD ripper aiming for accuracy over speed.
Its features are modeled to compare with Exact Audio Copy on Windows.

This is morituri 0.1.2 "VCR".

This is intended as a release for daring and curious people who've had enough
of the fact that Windows has a more accurate CD ripper than Linux.

Coverage in 0.1.2: 61 %   (1683 / 2755), 65 python tests

Features added in 0.1.2:

- UTF-8/unicode handling fixes
- improved error handling
- ignore tags for alac and wav
- work around GStreamer flacparse bugs
- change how paths get referenced in .cue files
- properly interpret AccurateRip results; no more assertions on unexpected
  ordering of results
- add debug command

Bugs fixed in 0.1.2:

-   5: AccurateRip Error on Arctic Monkeys disc
-  10: pathnames in log and cue
-  15: AttributeError: '__main__.GstWavEnc' object has no attribute 'merge_tags'
-  24: nasty exception when cdrdao is missing
-  25: UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 21: 
ordinal not in range(128)
-  32: Add python-setuptools as Requires in specfile
-  37: rip fails on a hidden track of single sector (or 0?) length
-  38: morituri dies trying to construct the cue file for a number of CDs
-  43: Set the album artist tag
-  46: running uninstalled: morituri-trunk - no bash completion file
-  49: Doesn't encode UTF-8 HTOA track name properly
-  50: Bogus extension stripping of HTOA track in .m3u
-  64: always failing after ripping first track
-  35: UnboundLocalError: local variable 'results' referenced before assignment
-  61: 'rip image --help' should specify that it's intended to work with .cue 
-  62: Crash if no disc in drive
-  51: Typos - s/reponses/responses
-  59: Typo in 'rip drive list' output

morituri 0.1.2 is brought to you by:

Loïc Minier
Ross Burton
Thomas Vander Stichele
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