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On 11-06-02 at 07:50am, Jeremy Salwen wrote:
> I'm confused, because there seem to be two standards by which one 
> might join the Debian Multimedia Maintainers team.  The first seems to 
> be an informal one, by which someone who has created a couple of 
> debian packages is invited to join (Alessio extended to me a similar 
> offer).  If I thought this were the final word, I would be happy to 
> join.  However, when I go to the website to look into joining, I find 
> a second set of standards, including the items:
>    - are familiar with managing bugs in debian.
>    - agree to review other's work (patches and packages).
> Neither of which I am okay with.  I am not familiar with managing bugs 
> in debian.  I simply don't know how to do anything besides send an 
> email to the bug report.
> As for the second point, I suppose I could technically review others' 
> work, but it probably wouldn't be much of a review.  Much of this 
> stuff is over my head.  If I were to look at the source of Ardour, for 
> instance, it would probably take me a week to make heads or tails of 
> it.

The requirement about managing bugs is mostly aimed at contributors 
*less* involved than you - in fact I am surprised by your comment: As 
maintainer for a package officially part of Debian, you *must* be able 
to handle bugs filed against it!

That other requirement about reviewing works of others really is about 
interest in doing teamwork.  Feel free to ask questions, but don't join 
if you do not intend to contribute yourself. That's more fun for us all.

But both those requirements are about _interest_ in such work.  We are 
not an sxclusive club and we do not require university degrees or DD 
membership for you to work with us.

Have a look at our mailinglist, or join our IRC channel.  I am confident 
that you will find us to be pretty nice people to hang out with :-D

Kind regards,

 - Jonas

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