Hi Multimedia Team :)

I recently got my package, mpd-sima, uploaded thanks to Michael Tautschnig who
sponsored it.

A new upstream version has been released and triggered #628911. Following
Jonas advice (cf. [0]), I'd like to join the team to maintain mpd-sima.

The package for the last upstream version already received a review from
debian-mentors@ and is uploaded to mentors as 0.8.0-2.

I did open an account on alioth (under kaliko-guest).
How should I proceed now ?

About me:
I'm upstream author for MPD_sima, I've been using debian since Sarge.
I've learnt debian packaging recently when I noticed MPD_sima was available in
Arch/Linux and not for my distro :)
My involvement in the Debian project is summarized on my wiki page at
debian.org [1], I'm mainly an advanced user writing code as a hobby.

About MPD_sima:
MPD_sima is an autoqueue client for MPD [2]. It is a non interactive client
running as a daemon, it queues tracks following last.fm recommendations.

[0] <http://bugs.debian.org/628911>
[1] <http://wiki.debian.org/GeoffB>
[2] upstream forge <http://codingteam.net/project/sima>

Kind regards
 Geoffroy Youri Berret

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