2011/6/11 Jonas Smedegaard <d...@jones.dk>:
> On 11-06-11 at 03:07pm, Dan S wrote:
>> It would be great if others can comment - anyone?
> I've updated debian/copyright.  Please check the FIXMEs in that file!

Thanks - a couple of questions:

* The PNG images in the help system are under the same CC license as
the HTML help files. (They were not externally sourced.) They're
already covered by the "common/build/Help/*" entry. Why mark them as

* Files: common/Source/plugins/FilterUGens.cpp is marked as "GPL-2+
and UNKNOWN", I guess because it includes code ported from Java code
by Federico Fontana. It was me that did the porting, and Federico gave
me permission to include it in this GPL-2+ software. So there's no
unknown licensing, but are you expecting some documentation or or

* Also, you've allocated copyright of some associated files to
Federico Fontana (MoogFF.sc, MoogFF.html) yet he has no copyright in
those - I wrote them, they are not ported. So I can simply delete
those fixme entries, OK?

Most of the other stuff is just sloppy notices, which I'll try to get
fixed upstream.


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